You are five. You know almost nothing about the world. And know you’re going to learn one of the toughest concepts in JavaScript — callback.

Who the hell is this function

Imagine that JavaScript is a big king that gives tasks to small humans.

Super. Special. Kid. JavaScript.

You are 5. A couple of years ago you could barely walk and talk. And now you’re going to learn the hardest concept in JavaScript — threads. Sounds cool? Let’s start.

Single-Threaded Javascript. Our Super. Special. Kid.

JavaScript is different from all other children. He is a special kid.

“You’re crazy Nick, but it could work” — Hiring Manager

hidden door

Most engineers don’t realize that there is always a hidden door to enter any company if traditional ways, such as sending a resume, don’t work for you.

No one talks about these doors because it’s hard to find them and they look unique to everyone. But I’ll disclose today, how one type of hidden doors might look like.

To get an interview at Apple I’d use such door.

Step 1

I’d go to eBay and buy Macintosh System Boot Disk 6.X.X for $11.99.

Now, the puzzle is complete.

Building a Twitter audience is a road to failure without one thing.

What all “Twitter guides” tell you (saving you $100+):

  • Tweet high-quality content a couple of times per day
  • Engage with large accounts
  • Be always kind to your followers

Honestly, it’ll work.

Yet, you’ll fail.

“Why?” you probably asking.

Because you don’t want to build just an audience, it’s something else, am I right?

Your end goal is to build an audience that will help you to achieve your goals, not the audience itself.

Common goals I often see:

  1. Increase personal brand awareness
  2. Build distribution channel and sell digital…

Some of them save me hours

Here are four tools that you probably don’t know about, but that can save you hours.

4. Responsively

Guide For Software Engineers

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to check candidates.

If your LinkedIn profile sucks, your chances to be invited to an interview are pretty low.

That’s why we are going to make a LinkedIn profile that not just “don’t suck,” but a profile that will get you an invitation to an interview.

But first, let’s start with a mindset shift.

The End Goal

The end goal of a LinkedIn profile is to make recruiters invite you to an interview. Not to make a “beautiful” profile, not to make an “interesting” profile, but to make a profile that gets you an invitation to an interview…

Missing Guide for Software Engineers

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

“I’ll just email them my resume, they’ll look at it and give me a call.”

Are you sure?

This is a very common misconception and this is what most developers don’t understand about cover letters.

Many of the developers I have spoken to think that a cover letter is just a simple email where you need to say “Hi!” and attach your resume.

But it’s not.

Let’s become a recruiter for 1 minute and look at everything through their eyes.


You’re a recruiter now.

You open your email application and see this:

Subject: Backend Engineer hiring


There is only one reason

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

Your resume is often rejected not because you’re not good enough or it doesn’t have “right” keywords in it.

There is only one reason why it’s rejected. It took me 6 years, a couple of books about selling, and tons of trials & errors to find it. And today we are going to disclose this one reason.

But first, let’s start with common myths (lies) developers still believe why their resumes are often rejected.

Lie 1: ATS (Application Tracking Systems)

There is a popular myth surrounding this software. Developers think that ATS scans their resume for “specific” keywords and rejects it if it doesn’t find them…

It is not a magical place

Photo by Mike Palmowski on Unsplash

Software engineering is not a magical place where everyone has a six-figure salary, works on projects they like, and changes the world.

Like any job, software engineering has its good, bad, and ugly sides.

Today I’m going to talk about the ugly sides that I’ve learned over 9 years as a programmer.

Communication Skills Matter More

Many developers confuse the terms programming and software development. It’s two different activities that have one main thing in common — coding.

Programming is about solving problems with code. It is often a solo activity.

Software development is about design software from an engineering perspective with consideration for…

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